Why do I have to login with Facebook?

I have required Faceobook login in order to make it easier for you to create an account, and also to reduce spam accounts.

Will this get me banned?

No. This site uses all user-input information and does not login to your Pokemon Go account at all.

What is a Community Badge?

A Community Badge is a special badge on this site that is not available in game. They may feature special community goals or events.

How do I apply for a community badge?

Go to your trainer profile, click the "Apply for a Badge" button and attach any relevant screenshots and notes about your application. Then an admin will check it out and award you the badge.

How often should I update my profile?

As often as you like! Most people do once a week, others do once a day. Its fun to see the numbers climb, so get out and get playing!

What is the Raid Leaderboard?

The Raid Leader board is a place for competitive players to compete for the best time in Solo Tier 3 raids. Tier 4 and 5 duo/trio are coming soon.